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Business Model

Our primary customers are Investment/Mainstream Banks and Venture Capital/Private Equity Funds who have or are considering investment in an oil and gas industry (at the SME level). We will work with such institutions to ensure that opportunities are fit for investment and that they subsequently deliver the required returns. We can provide support and advice along the development cycle from new start-ups to second or third round financing.

We also wish to work directly with SMEs by assisting with the development and execution of a strategic business plan that is capable of attracting appropriate financing.

One key area of focus is on opportunities that are driven by "game-changing" technologies or novel application of existing technologies.

The team undertakes strategic consulting/advisory work on a fee-basis, but also seeks to participate in a Board/Shareholder role in the strategic development of potential and emerging business enterprises.

We will advocate and propose hybrid packages e.g. split rate with incentive or "at risk" success fee/percentage to include equity participation where appropriate.

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