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Welcome to Scottish Catalysts

We seek opportunities to create value in successful commercial relationships dealing with SMEs and financial institutions in the upstream Oil and Gas sector.

At Scottish Catalysts we have a core network of individuals with extensive Oil and Gas operating and service company experience, both in the UK and Internationally, who provide services too.

Our primary customers are Businesses, Investors (Investment/Mainstream Banks and Venture Capital/Private Equity Funds) and SMEs who have or are considering investments or divestments in the oil and gas industry. We will work with such clients to ensure that opportunities are fit for investment and that they subsequently deliver the required returns. We can provide support and advice along the development cycle from new start-ups to second or third round financing.

As our business continues to grow and mature, the partners on an individual basis are looking to identify how they can assist enterprises in the third/charity sector, on a pro-bono basis, and by giving some value back to the community.

Activities include mentoring, assisting with fund raising and developing trustee boards to ensure that they have an appropriate mix of capabilities and comply with the standards and guidelines of OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Register).

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